#36: Curley Maple Gap Shelter

Jesse did some back tracking to hike the 10 miles he missed and added a few more miles to his day to catch back up with the tramily. He ended his day at mile 348.5 at an elevation of 3039.

The gang got some wonderful trail magic the night before with a feast of crab boil and a cooler full of beer. With food like that being offered up that had to be a tough area to leave.

now THIS is magical!
Hail,Hail,The gangs all here….

Erwin really filled up with cold and water logged hikers. But the camaraderie was excellent and he really enjoyed hanging out and listening to all the stories. They grabbed some bikes and rode around town a bit as well.

Only downside to the day was a miserable toothache. The tooth had been abscessed before he left but took antibiotics with the intention of going back and having the tooth pulled before the trip. But,he got busy working lots of overtime to save for the trip and it just didn’t get done. Now,without insurance, he is trying to control the pain and try to avoid more infection until we can get something done. I am trying to find a clinic or dental school along the trail that may have affordable rates.

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