#40: The Station at 19E, Elk Park, NC

Elk Park, NC

He called mid morning from the top of a mountain. He said the top of the mountain was bare so the view was clear with no trees to obstruct the view. He could see the mountains he climbed already as well as being able to see the 2 towns he was heading towards. The weather has been warm and he has been hiking in his shorts.

Jesse woke up very early and hiked the 9 miles to the road leading to Elk,Park ending his day at mile 395.2 and at an elevation of 4600. He grabbed a free shuttle into town and is staying at https://thestationat19e.com. This place is beautiful and roomy. It serves a breakfast of sausage and gravy,bacon,sausage and a fruit bar. They offer fish and chips for $7 and the have a tap room and lots of board games to play. They will shuttle hikers into town. He plans on heading to the post office around 3:00.

taproom and hostel

Jesse said he woke up this morning and thought “What is that smell?!!” It was him. Along with warmer temperatures comes sweat and he apparently has been doing a lot of sweating. He said his gear will never be able to be used again after this trip. Pretty ripe. Needless to say, he was looking forward to a nice, long,hot shower.

Jesse’s spirits are high and he’s happy he is now averaging 15 miles per day. Tomorrow he will hit the 400 mile mark. He is hoping to be able to send more pics to me later this evening after all his electronics get charged.

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