#41: Jones Fall

400 mile mark

Today Jesse had a long,short day. His shuttle dropped him off at the post office this morning. As it turns out,he was dropped off at the wrong post office. (the area he is at has a town on either side of the trail). So he called home when he hit the 400 mile marker. I called the post office and the boxes were there. He soon discovered the problem. So he hiked 11 miles total just to get back to where he started. He also fell and hurt his knee trying to rush back to the post office. But,he can get a shuttle tomorrow that will drop him off at the 400. So,one mixed up, aggravating day. But all is well.

Jesse has been stressing a lot about money. The hike has been more costly than he had anticipated. So, he’ll hike as far as the money from his gofundme will stretch and then he will exit the trail. He is worried about disappointing his supporters. I told him that what he has accomplished is amazing in itself. There is nothing to be disappointed about. This is his dream and his journey. The most important thing is that he continues to find joy in each day on the trail. And when his heart tells him to stop he needs to listen. This is not a sad ending. This is the experience of a lifetime and this is a learning experience. And he is super pumped up to make the attempt again in 2 years. He has hiked further than the majority of those attempting this feat and we are all very proud of him. We will see how the coming weeks go for him. For now, I told him to relax and enjoy the day and tomorrow will be a whole new day. He has enough funds to get him through the next several weeks, at least so he needs to breath and relax.

Tomorrow he is looking at least a 14 mile day. At this pace he is really starting to fly through milestones. He has the ability now to hike 100 miles a week. That is very impressive and I am so very proud of him.

UPDATE: Donations are starting to come in and Jesse is very overwhelmed. He said it’s a real moral booster and he now feels like he may just be able to make it to Maine or at least much further than he has been feeling. Thank you to all who are donating. We are all so grateful and overwhelmed.

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