#43: Big Bear Hostel

Jesse ended his day at mile 420.9 and at an elevation of 2105. Some good miles put in today. He got to the hostel about 5 minutes before the heavens opened and the sky poured. Great timing.

Word on the trail is that “sovereign” the machete guy was released from jail and was back on the trail. He pled guilty to drug charges but hikers who were witnesses didn’t want to get off trail a week or more to testify against him. He arrived at a hostel Jesse had stayed at about a week before and the owner had some words with him. He decided to buy the guy a bus ticket to Nashville where he said he was staying. Being a past thru-hiker himself he understood the fear of the other hikers and decided to just get the guy off the AT.

Carver and Bambi, a few new members of his tramily took a break at this hostel as well. Carver cuts hair so he was cutting and trimming some hikers and Bambi went all in and shaved her head. When they told Jesse it was his turn he said it would took everyone at camp and a whole lot of alcohol to get him to cut his hair!

Jesse is slowly getting tired of certain foods. He will surely never eat tuna or spam anytime soon after getting off trail. The new sweet treat is honey buns. Lots of calories in those.

Jesse found his rain cover for his pack. It slipped into a different pocket in the pack. Good thing he found it. More rain coming this week.

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