#44: Vandeventer Shelter

Jesse ended the day at mile 437.6 and at an elevation of 3558. Another big mile day. He got to the shelter late and in pouring rain. The shelter was full so he had to set up his tent in the rain. Days like these are never too much fun.

Jesse is so upbeat once again. So many people have donated to his gofundme. We can never express enough our gratitude in helping him fulfill his dream. Grandma McLaughlin is helping him with ideas to budget money and she will be covering his care packages for the time being as work is getting into the busy season for me.

He is still physically doing really well. His tooth has quit hurting for the time being. His knee is taking a bit of a beating. With the rocks and mud from all the rain he has slipped and cracked his knee 3 times at last count. He ices it and it seems to be doing ok.

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