#45: A new hostel on the AT

Jesse is loving the waterfalls on the trail

I am unsure of the name at this posting but I will see if Jesse remembers the name when I talk to him next. It also is run by past thru-hikers and the stay in the bunk house was a great deal at just $15 a night including shuttle service, shower and laundry. He has caught back up with the hiking vikings and skunk is a day behind. He slowed down for a bit so his dad, who decided to join him on the trail, could hop on and catch up. I follow them on Instagram and let Jesse know their location.

some chick-fil-a trail magic for the night

Jesse ended his day at mile 455.3 and at an elevation of 3384. At the rate he is going he should finish the AT by early September. He is excited to be putting another state in the record books tomorrow. He finally hit Virginia after bouncing back and forth between Tennessee and North Carolina. And he should be hitting the 500 mile marker by the end of this week sometime.

I have been following a number of thru-hikers on Instagram for Jesse. I saw that a fellow hiker had thought he had the flu for several days. He finally went to the ER and he has some issues with his liver due to a waterborne illness. Hoping he recovers quickly and with no permanent damage. Water filters are an absolute necessity. But, it just doesn’t filter out all the bad stuff. Water has caused illness very many people since the Smoky’s.

Another thing hikers are needing to do to maintain the shelters along the trail is to be sure to add items to the outhouses as they are compost toilets. The privies also don’t offer a whole lot of privacy. The doors are just big enough to cover the necessary parts so the hikers sit there and can watch everyone and vice versa. A little uncomfortable at the beginning of the trail but the hikers quickly get used to it and folks avoid glancing in the direction of the occupied privy. It is a fun adventure,just not always a very glamorous one.

The hiking Vikings have a great vlog on youtube. This episode features Jesse joining them in a game of bocce ball off a fire tower. These guys are fun to follow!

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