#46: Broken Fiddle

3 states down. Hello Virginia!

Jesse had another great day ending his day in Damascus, Va. at mile 470.3 and at an elevation of 1924. The weather was beautiful so he only stopped twice for 2 5 minute breaks.

Jesse found the Broken Fiddle Hostel and he said it had a great hippy vibe. Jesse also said that the town was really cool and he would love living there. This town also has trail days the 16th-18th. Slim’s wife is going to drive up to where ever the tramily is and shuttle them all back for the weekend and then shuttle them back to where they stopped at to continue on. He also found an opportunity to work that weekend so he can earn some trail money.

Jesse hit town and ate a 1 pound burger, all his fries and a big basket of fried pickles. He then grabbed a footlong sub from Subway to take back and eat. He says the trail food takes away hunger pains but he just never feels full. Hikers burn off an average of 7,000 calories per day.

One thought on “#46: Broken Fiddle

  1. Congratulations on making it to a new state! Loving the blog and I’m watching you on the map!
    Have fun every step!
    You’re in my daily thoughts & prayers


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