#48: Wise Shelter

Jesse ended his day at mile 504.1 and at an elevation of 4409. Today was another big milestone. He hit the 500 mile mark. The weather is gorgeous. He also hiked through Grayson Highlands State Park. This area is known for the many wild horses roaming the area. They are not shy and walk right up to hikers. They like licking the salty sweat off the hikers. They will also steal a hiker’s pack if they take it off. I am anxious to receive pictures of this area.

Jesse also had a very up close and personal run in with a bear and her cub. Hikers were laying in the shelter when one hiker said “Bear”. Everyone sat up at once and collectively said “bear”. Momma was snooping around the fire ring just outside the shelter.

Bears are very active in this area. They also have become smart about reaching bear bags that hikers hang in the trees at night to keep their food safe. The cub climbs the tree and rests on the tree branch which lowers the branch low enough for Momma Bear to reach it. He knows of 2 hikers who have had their food stolen.

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