#49: tragedy on the trail

Sadly this post is not a cheery post. I was informed, late last night, that the machete guy had attacked a group of 4 hikers. The group split into 2 groups with 2 hikers running in one direction and 2 others heading in another direction. Sadly one male hiker has died and the female hiked 6 miles with horrible defensive wounds and bleeding. The male was able to send up an sos which allowed the sheriff to locate him. They found the suspect and took him into custody with no other incidence.

I was unable to get into contact with Jesse until mid afternoon today. I knew he was in the general area but not sure how close. I did a lot of pacing back and forth until I got his call.

Sovereign is a paranoid schizophrenic who had 2 previous run ins with law enforcement on the trail. A man who was a past through hiker gave this guy money for food and a bus ticket to get off the trail. Clearly he decided to hop back off the bus at some point and back to the AT.

What I can not wrap my brain around is the fact that the last county he was arrested in gave him a TWO day jail sentence and probation. He was also given his dog back…a dog he repeatedly put a 20″ knife to it’s neck and threatened to kill him in front of people. He was also given the 20″ knife back. He was clearly completely out there mentally and a danger to everyone in his path. Absolutely senseless and irresponsible. The FBI is involved now and an 18 mile stretch of the AT was closed and considered a crime scene. That area was reopened later Sunday. He will be off the streets for a very long time.

What the victims families are going through just makes my heart ache and tears flow often thinking about them. To send your child off so they can have a peaceful, life changing, spiritual journey and then to get that call. Please keep those families in your thoughts and prayers.

Below is the link to the most updated story:

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